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Antibody purification affinity chromatography

Cellufine SPA-HC


Hydrophobic Interaction (Cellufine MAX)

Cellufine MAX Phenyl / Cellufine MAX Phenyl LS

Cellufine MAX Butyl Phenyl / Cellufine MAX Butyl LS

Cellufine Mini-Column

Cellufine SPA-HC

Cellufine Sulfate

Cellufine MAX DexS-HbP / Cellufine MAX DexS-VirS

Cellufine ET clean L / Cellufine ET clean S

Cellufine PB

Cellufine Phosphate

Cellufine MAX Butyl / Cellufine MAX Phenyl / Cellufine MAX Phenyl LS

Cellufine A-200/A-500/A-800/C-500/Q-500/S-500

Cellufine MAX S-r, S-h/ GS/Q-r, Q-h/CM/DEAE

Cellufine MAX AminoButyl / Cellufine MAX IB

Cellufine GH-25

Super Edge Mini Column

Empty Mini Column

Development of the grade

Development of the grade according to demand of a customer (inquiry)